Our Concierge Recommendations Of The Week: Mary Cassatt, an American in Paris - Kupka, the pioneer of the abstract art movement - The Parisian metro rules - An historical monument for confectioneries

March 26, 2018

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. Mary Cassatt, an American in Paris

. Kupka, the pioneer of the abstract art movement

. The Parisian metro rules

. An historical monument for confectioneries



1- Mary Cassatt, an American in Paris



The new exhibition allows to discover Mary Cassatt  (1844 – 1926) an American artist little known in France, whose ancestors were French. She has been the only American painter to have exhibited with the Impressionists in Paris, a male world of French art par excellence ... at that time. With about fifty works, oils, pastels, drawings and engravings, on characters plunged in their thoughts, whether they are alone, with family or in society and especially the subject of predilection of Mary Cassatt, the mother and the child. After a short visit to the permanent collections,  a little gourmand break was imposed in the magnificent dining room and a passage in the very beautiful shop of the museum. You will notice that the room of Monsieur has just been restored. 

Musée Jacquemart André, 158 Boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris until July 23, 2018













2 - Learn why Kupka 

is considered as a pioneer of

the abstract art movement





After exploring Symbolism and Futurism, the artist Kupka began to dispense with reality, joining other early 20th-century exponents of abstract art such as Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, Robert Delaunay, Francis Picabia and Fernand Léger. The Grand Palais is displaying some of Kupka’s most arresting works in this absorbing overview of his gradual shift towards the abstract. A major exhibition: not to be missed!

Le Grand Palais, 3 Avenue du Général Eisenhower, 75008 Paris until July 30, 2018







3 -Metro Rules



We drew on an article in THE LOCAL fr online magazine and are happy to give you some of the rules of taking the Metro in Paris. Most of passengers probably don’t even know about these rules...

You must have a ticket to ride : It might sound pretty obvious, but unfortunately, not everyone plays by the rules. Actually, it can sometimes happen that some passengers follow through directly after you, while a lot of others prefer to just jump the barriers.


Do not enter or get off the train after the “beep” sound :

Once the long signal sounds, you’re supposed to wait. You will see that very often it happens that some people wait for the sound to go off the train.


The priority seats have a pecking order : There are nine levels of priority passengers with the following order of importance.

1. War and military disabled

2. Blind civilians

3. Disabled workers

4. Disabled civilians who have trouble standing

5. Pregnant women

6. Persons with children under age 4

7. Disabled civilians who do not have trouble standing

8. Persons with a card stipulating that they have trouble standing

9. Seniors aged 75 and over


No music for money :

It’s forbidden to play an instrument, to sing, or to play any kind of music for money unless you have signed up Metro Musicians audition, essentially a buskers license.  Many people ignore these rules.



No bikes are allowed : except on certain Lines (Line 1 on Sundays and public holidays and some of the RER lines)




4- À la Mère de Famille



Pierre Jean Bernard opened a grocery store in 1761, which became a sweet shop when the second wife of his son-in-law – Marie-Adélaïde Bridault, “la mère de famille” – took over the business in 1807. Stocking more than 1,200 French favourites from every region and every era, the company now has 12 branches across Paris, but the first shop in the Rue du Faubourg Montmartre is, of course, the most picturesque. With its original tiled floor, wooden counters and pendant lights, it was declared a historical monument in 1984. 

A la mère de famille. 35 rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris









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