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. Paris is beautiful  from the river

. Going to the Jardin Mabille was about seeing and being seen

. Myself, as a consumer, I behave exactly that way, don't you?

." This hotel has proved that one does not need to stay in a 5 star hotel ..."














It had been (especially for both, Matteo and Garance) a long day of walking the streets of Paris. So, I let the kids rest for 15 minutes in one of the room of the Chambiges Hotel, they really needed a break. And then, I found the best way to bring such a joyous day to an end was to have a dinner cruise on the Bateaux Mouches!!  "Hip Hip Hoorray!!!!" was the immediate response of both!!!

The atmosphere on board was fantastic, we were all so much excited  looking to enjoy this unique trip up and down the Seine. Matteo was thrilled when the guide started to explain us some important events and places especially about the first and second world war. It must be said that he is a passionate about history!  The food was very good quality with good portions. The ambiance was magical with really relaxing music and such an amazing view on the sight from the perspective of the river Seine! Luckily, the terrace upstairs was open and accessible to all throughout the cruise,  no need to say that we took lots of  photos!  I have taken the dinner cruise with family and friends many times and each time, we loved it. That time, Matteo, Garance and I  left happy and blown away.










" Avenue Montaigne was originally called the Allée des Veuves (widows' alley) because women in mourning gathered there, but the street has changed much since those days of the early 18th century. The current name comes from Michel de Montaigne, the writer of the French Renaissance. In the nineteenth century, the street earned some renown for its sparkling and colorful Mabille balls on Saturday nights. The Bal Mabille was created by Mr Mabille, a dance teacher. It was first for his students. Then Mabille's sons decided to change hours and days, introduced 3 000 gas lights, trees, flowers, mirrors and it became really famous : Going to the Jardin Mabille was about seeing and being seen. Some said that the dance French Can-Can" was invented in the Bal Mabille, it was also an inspiration for painters. "  Extract from Wikipedia





I found this text about the Avenue Montaigne and it made me smile as finally, things haven't not changed that much. Avenue Montaigne is where the exquisite couture house window displays are and this is the ideal place to indulge in the French custom of strolling through the streets, seeing and being seen. As a matter of fact, I can even think of  2 places where it is all about seeing and being seen located in the center of the famed avenue at less than 5 minutes walk from our Hotel Chambiges....L'Avenue restaurant remains to be the “it” spot to showcase your fanciest garb since you'll most likely be surrounded by celebrities and the bar, simply called Le Bar du Plaza (Plaza Athénée Hotel) as well.







I will make here a confession...  

Nowadays, our online reputation is readily visible to potential guests at all times, from reviews on to Facebook posts to Twitter. Hotels guests, as you are yourself trust online reviews for their ultimate booking decision. Moreover, I have noticed that the trend today for you and them (and for me too!)  is to make more informed decisions than ever before. . . Potential guests frequently decide whether to book ours hotel based on reviews and any interactions or experiences they’ve had with the hotel. And I must say that myself, as a consumer I behave exactly that way, don't you?

So we (my 2 brothers and I) made the decision quite some time ago that I (Laurence, hello, that's me!) will be in charge of the up to date and interactive presence online for our hotels, to be connected with our already-guests, potential guests and followers. I do have to say that I like very much responding to guests reviews because it promotes interaction with them and us, and tells them how much we feel concerned by their feedback. If I take my example, if I tweet a complaint, I will expect a response from someone who will do his best to resolve the situation. These days, a guest who writes a negative review, wants to feel listened to and valued and  expect someone to be reading and responding to them online. In that way, I daily engage with guests and fans on social media platforms and other sites.





 It is very important to us to get everyone in the team involved and aware of the importance of our online reputation, so we encourage our staff to invite our guests to write about their experiences in our hotels. And when it happens to have poor reviews, we share them with the entire team so that actions can be taken to resolve complaints, and we proudly highlight the positive review to reward our staff members.  


May I remind you that we are a family and I can ensure you that we run our family-business in the best possible way.  And to be honest, we prefer to have more personal relationship with our guests while they reserve directly with us (and don't end up with a third party for your booking such as Booking or Expedia to book) and we recommend to everyone to rely on Tripadvisor’s Popularity Index that determines our ranking based on quality, quantity and recency of reviews.



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" From the moments we checked in to checking out, this hotel has proved that one does not need to stay in a five star hotel for best hotels"




You can easily imagine how honored we were, that Hotel Chambiges had been that place!  This note was recently posted on Tripadvisor and made our day! This is true that this hotel is special to me. I have hired myself almost everyone working there and I always feel they are part of the family everytime we see each other. They are all very dedicated to each guest and are always very pleased to offer their best for a beautiful and relaxed experience to everyone staying with us. For example, Cris is a smart person. He is one of the housekeeper, a very helpful and smiling person. We have been working with him for more than 10 years now. 





The hotel is walking distance to all the beautiful sites of Paris yet it's located on a quite street perfect for a relaxing evening after a long day of sightseeing. What people usually say it that they particularly love the classic french decor with heavy drapery and richness of color.

For our part, on that day (so before we end up with the Bateaux Mouche), we spent a few hours at the hotel. We went up to the floors to do our usual hotel tour ( when Matteo and Garance are with me at the hotel, we always keep the same routine) and say hello to everyone. Cris wanted to have his picture with the kids. At least, Matteo very naturally was happy to be on the picture.

Then, later while he was playing with the backgammon pieces, Garance and I were having fresh air accompanied by the statues in the patio.











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