Discover this week: Marie Curie, a woman in the Panthéon, The restaurant not to miss, Another French feast! One of our favorite guide...

January 29, 2018

Discover here...


.Marie Curie, a woman in the Panthéon

.The restaurant not to miss

.La Chandeleur - another French feast!

.Maurizio, one of our favorite guide




1- Marie Curie, une femme au Panthéon




Heroes forever


Such a majestic monument to some of France’s greatest heroes. History buffs will love it. Architecture lovers will admire the perfection. We have loved the exhibit on Madam Curie, one of the legion of French heroes. Her life story is on show, books, handwriting, personal mementos. The crypt is moving and extraordinary - our favorite the vault with the ashes of Dumas, Zola and Hugo. Voltaire’s crypt is great too. A must on any visit. A lot for people of all ages to enjoy.







Panthéon Panthéon Place du Panthéon 75005 PARIS until March 4, 2018








2 -





Pancake Day - la Chandeleur - another French feast! The 2nd of February is Pancake Day in France, called la Chandeleur. It marks the end of the Christmas period coming exactly 40 days after Christmas and is a Catholic holiday, Candlemas.

Nowadays it's a family time most simply associated with eating crêpes, the delicious thin French pancakes. Chandeleur is celebrated throughout France as la fête des crêpes.  A week or so before the date you start to notice supermarket displays of flour, eggs, jam, Cointreau, cider and Nutella and then you know Chandeleur is just around the corner.  The region of Brittany is most associated with crêpes as a local speciality and it is from there that the tradition of drinking cider with them comes from.  So these days no matter where you are in France at Chandeleur it's common to accompany your crêpe with a bowl of cider. (Yes, bowl not glass!)


3 -

Don't miss it



French food, French waiters, French decor

The restaurant La Fountaine de Mars is located not far from the Eiffel Tower, but it is far from a tourist trap. The food is authentic French, leaning towards that of Southwestern France. They have a daily plat du jour and a selection of desserts. Besides that Staff are great! and very attentive.


The French are known for their food for a reason...


129 Rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 Paris






4 -

One of our favorite






Fantastic in Every Way

You will be met by Maurizio, your guide in front of the Orsay Museum precisely on time. He will greet you warmly and will be ready for our tour. Maurizio is passionate about the art and the history of the art in this museum. It will be like going on a journey of art throughout history from the beginning to the end of your tour. Our questions will be answered thoroughly. We will never feel rushed. We highly recommend Maurizio and Napeleone Tours. You will not be disappointed.

Visit Napoleone Tour on your trip to Paris, ask us for more information!






















visit Hotel La Perle





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