Discover This Week : A brilliant exhibition of Picasso's production, Don't miss the Rue Clerc, Our all-time favorite discount pharmacy ever! Le Train Bleu, one of our favorite places

January 22, 2018

Discover on our front page this week…

A brilliant exhibition of Picasso's production

Don't miss the Rue Clerc

Our all-time favorite discount pharmacy ever!

Le Train Bleu, one of our favorite places

1- Hungry for culture?



1932 L'Année Erotique


A brilliant exhibition of Picasso's extraordinary production from 1932, many of the paintings are in private collections, so this is a chance to see some rarely seen works, in addition to well-known paintings from the Picasso Museum, Tate, MOMA etc. Housed in a majestic former hotel, this museum is well laid out over a number of floors where you can wander as you like. The current exhibition of his erotic art is breathtaking and inspiring. Don’t forget to go to the basement where you will find some of the poster artwork from his early exhibitions. It takes no more than about 90 minutes to see the whole building so make sure you include it in your travel plans.

The exhibtion is moving to London in 2018 under the title "1932: Picasso the Year of Wonders". Until Feb 5, 2018 at Musée Picasso, 5 Rue de Thorigny, 75003 Paris




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Our all-time favorite discount beauty empourim/pharmacy ever! It is usually the very first stop of a lot of our guests.You can find everything ... baby products, all kinds of cream, make-up removers, sun products ... Ali Baba's cave and of course medicines ....Arm yourself with patience, it's worth it !!!




Pharmacie Citypharma, 26 rue du Four, 75006 Paris










3 -

Don't miss it



Rue Clerc,  is one of the most amazing streets to visit that no one has ever heard of. It's only mentioned in a few guidebooks but the food and the walk down this small street in Paris near the Eiffel Tower is magical. Be prepared to buy a separate food group for several different locations as shop owner specialize in one or two alone. Buy some fruit, bread, cheese and wine all from different shops that have move their offerings onto the street for you to choose from. Amazing experience!









4 -

One of our favorite places



We are always recommending this place to ours guests. From the sweet tomatoes perfectly prepared to the tender lamb, we doubt there would be anything on the menu to fault. Everything about it is just so beautiful. Beautiful interior, ceiling crammed with frescoes of scenes of southern France, which is served traditionally by the Gare de Lyon. It feels like dining in a museum. Excellent service, very attentive, yet relaxed. The food is good, beautifully displayed. At one point, a ginger cat strolls through the dining space, much to the amusement of all - this is Polo 3 (the third cat to have taken up residence in the Gare de Lyon with special attention to the marvels of le Train Bleu.  Restaurant Le Train Bleu, Place Louis-Armand, 75012 Paris







visit Hotel Luxembourg Parc






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