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Last Thursday (December 21), Matteo and I toured our 4 St Germain des Pres-located hotels to wish a Merry Christmas to all the hotels' team. Matteo was very excited to get into the festive spirit and see how the hotels was beautifully decorated.

Arriving on the Boulevard St Germain to begin the hotels' tour, we made the  first stop at Hotel Au Manoir St Germain.

Blandine, the director of the hotel was there, very dynamic as usual.

I must say, the Christmas tree there, embellished with golden garlands and ornaments was my favorite among the 4 hotels we saw on that day. Aziz (who has been working with us at the Front Desk for 22 years!) took a few moments of his time to show Matteo the recent reviews left on the hotel guest book. A couple from Toronto was saying:  " Just a quick note to say how much my wife and I enjoyed our recent stay at your hotel. The reception staff  was helpful and friendly. They made us feel so much at home and they took care of us so well. Hope to return in the not so distant future. Kind Regards."  It reminds me a message on Instagram when Mr Hesser, one of our guests from San Francisco asked me to say hello to his "friend" Aziz at the Front Desk. It often happens that our guests perceive our hotels' team as friend or part of the family. They most of the time know my brothers or me or even my parents and because we are all very active in the business, we always cultivate a trust-based relationship with our guests.









Then, leaving from Hotel La Perle on the way to Hotel Luxembourg Parc, we stopped at the corner of Rue Guisarde and Rue des Canettes. The usual stop I have to say, as Matteo can't be at Hotel la Perle and not go and watch the Space Invader mosaic on the wall. Let me explain what we are talking about: For the non-expert (as I am) Space Invaders is one of the most addicting games that was ever made. If you keep an eye out during your time in Paris, you’ll no doubt see a lot of retro mosaic street art on buildings in the form of Space Invaders and other video game characters. This is the work of French street artist Invader, who has made his mission to invade the world with his mosaic creations stuck in the streets of Paris, Lyon, Pau but also New York or Tokyo. According to him, museums and art galleries are not accessible to all. That's why he decides to install his work in public spaces making art accessible to all.  3589 Space Invaders are present in the world. And 1 of them is at the corner of Rue des Canettes and Rue Guisarde at 20 meters from our Hotel la Perle. Which explains the usual stop that Matteo always requests.










Later,  arriving on the Place St Sulpice, Matteo made a lot of photos. The place is one of my favorite in Paris. The Saint-Sulpice fountain, situated in front of the Church of Saint-Sulpice, is a piece of stunningly beautiful architecture. The upper level of this gorgeous fountain is adorned by elaborate statues of four bishops, one on each side. The lower level of the fountain is guarded by four majestic sculpted lions.

There are many beautiful churches in Paris. However, Saint Sulpice captivates me by its total grandeur. I am always taken by its magnificence instantly.  With its asymmetrical towers, this church looks different from the outside and is very impressive when you are inside. The huge organ has a beautiful sound and can be heard after the masses three times a day.  Go inside the Church and in the first Chapel on your right you will see two of the greatest French wall-paintings ever made. They are the work of the great French romantic painter, Eugene Delacroix . You will also find a fascinating Meridian line inside the church.This majestic and beautiful church is worth a visit, Da Vinci Code fan or not. An unforgettable artistic experience! 










We ended the hotels ' tour with a stop at Hotel left Bank where we talked with Christophe at the Front Desk. He asked about my parents who he has not seen for a while. Hotel Left Bank is one of Matteo's favorite hotel. He loves all the decor there. Especially because he knows that it is where Papou, his grandfather* had his tiny office on the 5th floor of the hotel. Matteo always asks for my phone and captures the tapestries, decorative ornaments and antique accessories and after that, I most of the time end up with a lot of photos with decorating details.


(*who is also my father, the founder of our family-run business)           

  Read  the story of our family 👇










This time, if I had to pick out 1 photo among the tonnes of images, it would be the moment when Matteo poses in front of the beautiful Tapestry d'Aubusson in the hotel lounge. Right at that moment, I was explaining that the decor of the tapestry served as an inspiration to the cover of the hotel Left Bank leaflet. This was when my parents took over the hotel in 1989, 29 years ago. 




I Wish you a Beautiful, Healthy and Bright New Year!


















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