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On Wednesday, I went to Hotel Luxembourg with my two children. Matteo is 9 years old and Garance is 8 years old. They love going to the hotels. When I say "the hotels", I mean my place of work (I know for you it has a different meaning). They love going to my place of work, which is actually more than hotels, each of them is a house, a place to live, a sort of second home. My kids both like very much taking the bus to get around the city, it allows them to see the urban landscape and discover new places.

We got off the bus at Luxembourg Garden stop. The garden is so enchanting! Obviously, we could not miss a walk around the several pathes and admire the beauty of the fountains scattered throughout the grounds and a lot of statues. Many of them have been made by famous artists (Bourdelle, Zadkine, Rodin). At the time we went there, the famous puppet show was closed but luckily the kids enjoyed the carousel.

The Luxembourg garden is for everybody! Parisians love going  there because there’s plenty of stuff for people to enjoy from all ages and all interests!  If you want to meet locals, this place is definitely  where you should spend some time. There are chairs  in the garden, so you can sit down and have a break at any time! The garden includes an orangery for plant conservation but this is not open to the public.


At the moment, the Musée du Luxembourg is hosting a very brilliant exhibition focused on Peter Paul Rubens and the royal portraits.









Then, I  took them over to Rue Ferou, a small street that runs between  Place Saint Sulpice and Jardin de Luxembourg. As we walked down the street beyond the place where Hemingway lived at number 6 from 1927 to 1928 (and where he wrote A Farewell to Arms) we soon reached a long stretch of wall that has been decorated with the entire text of "Le Bateau Ivre" poem, one of Arthur Rimbaud's first important works. He wrote it 1871, at the age of sixteen.
On the way to the wall, we stopped at n 2 bis Rue Ferou where Man Ray lived from 1951 until his death in 1976 at Age 86.









Then, we walked up the street back in the direction of the Luxembourg Garden, and finally arrived at n 42 rue Vaugirard  to the hotel across the entrance of the museum. The building of The Luxembourg Parc hotel  itself dates back to the 1600's. For the kids, it was the first time they even enter into the hotel. We met Fabienne, the charming lady who manages the place and ensures everything goes well. She has been working with us for 7 years. She is eager to help you and offers you suggestions that will make your trip all the better. We found her very busy in the lobby with a group of people - guests of the hotel- ready to go to a wedding.




We used the made-of-transparent-glass elevator up to the rooms. Very exciting as you can imagine to watch the courtyard from above. Once on the floors, the kids asked Madame Paez  (the head housekeeper) what her job consist of. They realized that her role is very important as she ensures all hotel rooms are sparkling and in tip-top condition and they learned that the most interesting thing about this job is you meet a lot of people in so many ways of life.

Lucky us, some of the rooms' doors were open as Madame Paez was inspecting them.  I could sense the mood of Matteo wanting to jump on the bed -very comfortable bed with high end linens-. That of course I did not let do.




The rooms of the hotel are very cozy with some original sixteenth-century beams. They are stylish decorated with beautiful paintings and large for Parisian hotel room. Garance remembers of the big fluffy towels and the plenty of bath products in the marble bathroom behind a solid wood door. Madame Paez has promised that next time she will let them go on the unique terrace that is off to a room in the hotel.


We went back down to the lobby and by the time I was making some photos, Matteo played chess in the library and Garance pretended to be a guest at the hotel bar.






The location of the hotel makes you feel you are in the heart of Paris without a thousand tourists. The street itself, Rue Vaugirard  bordering the Luxembourg Gardens, is quiet, but only a five-minute walk away from the Boulevard Saint Germain. 







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