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August 28, 2017

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Yes, the astonishing Museum of the Doll will close its doors on September 15th. The opportunity, if you have never been there before, to discover its permanent collections that retrace the history of the doll since the beginning of the 19th century, but also to admire its latest expo date: a flash- Back in the 80s dolls universe, their kitch, their sequins and their acid colors, where you can meet celebrities like Barbie Dallas, Polly Pocket, Big Jim and Action Man ...

7 impasse Berthaud, 75003 Paris until September 15, 2017



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A large organic canteen close to the Bastille with dishes based on seasonal local products. Vegetarian or protein bowl, soup or salad, here we choose our dish and we sit at the table where your cutlery and glasses await you. Ping-pong table, table football, concerts some evenings affordable prices, you can eat properly and healthily from a bowl filled with rice, roasted vegetables, raw vegetables, vegetarian pellets or a portion of animal protein. In the evening, we ate small plates of tapas, equally simple and not very expensive. It's honest, no fuss, no gourmet madness

                              Le Grand Bréguet     17, rue Bréguet, 75 011 Paris



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La Sorbonne, this is the mother of all schools, not only by its reputation but by its history and architectural perfection. The university has been in existence since the 13th century. In 1253, a school was created at the initiative of Louis IX for 16 needy students who wanted to study theology. After 1885, the Sorbonne became the most important university in France. A true palace dedicated to knowledge, the seat of the University of Paris until the Revolution, politically influential, it is still today the most famous university in France. You cannot miss the impressive exterior of this huge building when walking along the Boulevard Saint-Michel. Everyone must visit the Sorbonne. Walk thru the ancient hallways and again pretend you're a student. You must see this place - it's an institution by definition. Have lunch at the Place de Sorbonne and enjoy the athmosphere among the students. The University is normally not open to the public unless you are a prospective student or have made a special arrangement in advance, Ask us for reservation



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We love this place. Not only is it cute but the owner Denise Acabo is amazing and charismatic! Although she does not speak English, that will not stop her from chatting with you about her store and her history !The prices are high, but coming from a cheap person. You would spend the extra money for the overall experience you will have in her shop and the joy radiating from her as she describes every piece of chocolate. Not to mention, her chocolates are one of a kind! You can only buy them from her!

A l'étoile d'or        30, rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009 Paris











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