Our Concierge Parisian Recommendations

Have you ever been to the Musée Yves St Laurent?

A beautiful homage to the genius and an absolute must for anyone interested in seeing some of his iconic pieces in reality.

It is a small and intimate museum near the Pont de l'Alma (so close from our Hotel Chambiges Elysées ! that you can visit in an hour. You will tour his office to see where Yves St Laurent sketched out designs and performed his daily tasks. The highlight is... to be extremly fortunate to see the well-preserved outfits!!

Place Furstenberg, is a quiet square, with a beautiful lampost in the center, flanked by charming old Parisian shops on the sides. You feel like you have gone back in time to 19th century Paris when you stand under the shady trees in this square. You expect to see Eugene Delacroix, the painter rushing out of his studio, which is on one side of this square with his easel under his arm and his paint box in his other going out to paint. Definetely, a must see!

Rue de Furstenberg, Paris 75006

A beautiful tall monument is erected on the place de la Bastille the actual fortress and later the state prison used to be. Nothing fancy and elaborate decor that one can compare with other monuments in Paris. It’s the history. This is the place where it all began..the French Revolution. The guillotine. Mary Antoinette...and the starting point where the French revolutionaries marched their way towards Place de la République to proclaim their independence. Since the original building of 14th century was destroyed, the column symbolizes the historical place and events linked to it. It is located in the middle of the square and city traffic constantly moving around dissolving in many streets. Entire place is beautiful: a lot of restaurants, cafes, hotels, bakeries, groceries. Next to Bastille is a marvelous old district of Marais where you can walk for hours and observe the architecture of aged but still beautiful buildings. And of course Bastille Opera house, round modern building worth to see and visit. Now it’s immortalized by an obelisk. The prison can’t be seen anymore except for the markings on the ground. Place de la Bastille, 75011 Paris

La salle Pleyel is unique in its conception! Named after the famous piano-maker and composer Ignaz Pleyel, the activities of the hall have been transferred to La Philharmonie... It us such an intimate space, whereyou will feel so close to the definition of artistic interpretation...

Have you ever been to the oldest Parisian restaurant? Le Procope dates back to the late 17th century and was an active point during the French Revolution.

The cafe has been for a while a meeting place for writers, intellectuals, and political people And guess what... a common wall separates the famous restaurant and our Hotel left Bank . The interior decor is full of grace and warmth with its high ceilings gilted framed pictures and charismatic dining. Even if the food is the best in Paris (it is just fine) Le Procope is a must see! Imagine, where Napoleon and Voltaire themselves have dined and where Verlaine used to meet Baudelaire over for a coffee...

Chez André, is an institution. They serve great traditional bistrot food. If you want tradition, or feel nostalgic of Paris in the 60's, this is the place to go. And it is at 2 minutes walking distance from our Hotel Chambiges Elysées. We love the ambiance inside, it is romantic and old Paris.

The 4 exhibitions not to miss

Chambiges Elysés - Horset Opéra - Luxembourg Parc
- Au Manoir St Germain -
Left Bank St Germain  - La Perle St Germain
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