Le Jardin de Bagatelle, one of many Paris' wonders

Last week, I took the kids to the Jardin de Bagatelle. We like gardens and flowers. If you do like them aswell, do not miss this treasure so very near the centre of Paris. If you visit on a sunny day in late spring or early summer, it is magical. This is the perfect place to go when the roses are in bloom! Let's face it, often missed by travelers to Paris, le Jardin de Bagatelle is one of those wonderful surprises that Paris reserves for you. Especially if you are looking for a fabulous garden that few people know about... Moreover, it is not uncommon to see some artists standing in the foreground with a palette and brushes in the hand painting beautiful landscapes.

We wanted peace and to see beautiful gardens. That day was perfect as there was only a few couple of people around. It has calm corners for resting, it has lakes, there are many romantic fountains, waterfalls, little bridges and lakes. There is a mix of formal and wild gardens. Most of all, we loved the variety of trees. And peacocks and cats roam freely through the gardens. The jardin de Bagatelle houses a château with several small French gardens, a rose garden and an orangerie. We spent quite some time (very relaxing) admiring this spectacle all very well labeled. The Jardin de Bagatelle, in the heart of the Bois de Bologne, is an oustanding botanical gardens. It was created in 1775, the time of Marie Antoinette. For me it is one of the most beautiful gardens with the most beautiful collection of roses and a large diversity of gardening from manicured to wild. It has over 10,000 rose bushes, from 1,200 different species. The beauty of the rose beds are internationally recognised. Each year, the International Competition involves new varieties presented by French rose breeders and growers from around the world.

The kids were seduced by the lovely smells of flowers in bloom, roses , irises, perennials, clematis, peonies … and we were all charmed by the very romantic scenery of this place full of history. I can tell you, we loved our day there! My advice: choose a nice day, fill your picnic bag with some nice French wine, good bread and cheese. Then you take the metro to Porte Maillot station on line 1. In the station, you look for signs indicating bus 244. Follow the signs and you'll leave the station a few steps from the bus stop. Take the bus and hop off at Bagatelle - Pre Catelan stop. There your are!And you have the day to enjoy the place. To be honest, it's not easy to get to, there is a very long walk from either the bus or metro. But it is a must see and a great break from the hustle and bustle of Paris. The Jardin de Bagatelle is very close to Fondation Vuitton so it is great to combine both. What I usually do myself to avoid the very long walk is take the metro to Porte Maillot and there, take a taxi to Jardin de Bagatelle. As you do not want to walk all alone as a woman in some parts of Bois du Boulogne, be sure that the Parc de Bagatelle is perfectly safe and guarded.

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