We 3, my brothers Antoine and Stéphane, and myself run the family hotels. Claude et Catherine, our parents are still involved in the family affair. Their 2 grandchildren (who are also my kids, Matteo and Garance) seem passionate about our French art de vivre. As a matter of fact, they love going to the family-hotels and are very keen to learn about art of receiving guests, art of decoration and how to be a perfect host!  Le Petit Claudine is the name of the story I will write a chapter about every month on this page.

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Current job position:  She is the Chief Executive Officer of our 6 family-hotels (and our mother!!)


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. Paris is beautiful  from the river

. Going to the Jardin Mabille was about seeing and being seen

. Myself, as a consumer, I behave exa...

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.When Our Guests Feel at Home

.St Sulpice Church, one of my favorite in Paris

.Space Invader is everywhere

.The Story of the Brochure


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Chambiges Elysés - Horset Opéra - Luxembourg Parc
- Au Manoir St Germain -
Left Bank St Germain  - La Perle St Germain
"Rooms truly elegant, rival in comfort, luxury and decor some of Paris' finest hotels"
6 Parisian boutique hotels managed by our family